Why MacBook Is Better Than Other Laptops?

Why macbook is better than other laptops

Why MacBook is better than other laptops. What makes Macs the best laptops in the market right now. It is the battle of Macbook vs other laptops in the market. 

When it comes to laptops and desktops Apple is the most famous and top brand in the world. Apple took the competition to the next level when it gave the world the Macbook or Macs. These Macbook laptops took over the laptop market. However, with the world and technologies changing, new brands emerged to give competition to the Macbook. If we talk more about computers than Microsoft Surface Laptops, Dell XPS, Razer Blade, etc are great examples. 

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In this article, we are going to talk about why Macs are better than any other laptop in the market right now. These reasons include the build quality, performance, design, functions, etc. 

why macbook is better than pcs

10 Reasons Why MacBook is better than other Laptops


What is one of the key aspects of things you look into a laptop before buying? 

It is the performance of the machine you are buying. And when we talk about the performance then we all know that the Macbook is one of the top players in the market. 

Apple products never let you down when it comes to performance and functions. 

The processor, battery life, storage capacity, RAM, display, trackpad, keyboard, etc are all perfect and gives you one of the best experiences using a laptop. 

The high-quality performance is for all the video editors, photo editors, gamers, etc. 


Macbooks are known for their super-fast processor and next-generation graphics. The most common processor that people buy is the i7 of Apple Macbook. And this processor of apple is very strong for making gaming and video editing easier and smoother for you. We all love fast machines and Apple Macbook gives you speed. 

apple macbook the best laptop

Build Quality

The build quality of Macs is outstanding without a doubt. All the macs have premium build quality. Many people believe that the build quality of Apple Macbooks is even better than some of the best PCs in the market. Apple MacBook, all the models, are some of the finest you can get in the market. It is one of the key reasons why Apple has taken over the electronic device market and it’s being popular all around the globe. 

Screen Size

The screen size of an apple is 13 inch, 15 inches and now even 16 inches with the new Macbook Pro 16. It has evolved over time and now you can get a 16-inch screen which is bigger than most common laptops. Even some of the best gaming laptops come with only 15.3-inch screens. So all the people who enjoy the big screen size can get it with the best brand in the world. 

Macs For Everyone 

You can see various types of laptops for various people and purposes. For example, laptops for students, for professionals, for video editors or designers, for gamers, etc. 

Apple Macbook is all in one product. It is for everyone. No matter if you’re a businessman, college student, or an avid gamer. It looks classy which makes it perfect for professionals and students. The processor, graphic cards, RAM, are of high quality which gives a gamer the best performance. It is hands down a laptop that anyone can use for any purpose all day long. 

better performance with apple macs


The classy and smooth style and design of the Macbook are amazing. It is thin and lightweight. You can carry it anywhere with ease. It is simple yet elegant at the same time. Most people only purchase it for its design. The new Macbook Pro with 16 retina display is also very fantastic. All the macs are stylish and classy. When it comes to style and design Apple Macbook gets 9 out of 10 here. 

Trackpad and Keyboard

The keyboard and trackpad of the Macbook are also very good and pleasant to use. Keyboards of the Macbook are very soft and comfortable to use. You can type without making too much noise. And the sound of the keyboard when you strike keys are also very good. The Macbook pro 16 has the magic keyboard. 

The trackpad is also very good. You don’t have to click it but just tap it in order to use it. 

Both the keyboard and trackpad are very pleasant and smooth to use. 

magic keyboard by apple macbook


The durability of apple products is incredible. Apple products last longer than any other electronic devices in the market. And at the same time, with durability, you get the same high-quality performance. 

Fewer Viruses

One of the best things about Apple products is that they are less vulnerable to viruses than other laptops in the market. It is not like that they never get viruses. But you are less likely to get viruses when you use Macs or any other apple product. 

So with a Macbook, you’re less likely to get attacked or disturbed by viruses. 

Better & Cheaper In the long Run 

The Macbook is relatively more expensive than other laptops in the market for sure. But let me show you the larger picture. Macbooks are better and cheaper than other laptops in the long run without a doubt. The durability, build quality and performance are what makes it last longer while giving you the best performance for a longer period. On the other hand, if you buy any other laptop in the market, they are less likely to last longer than Macbook and at the same time, you would spend more money on buying another laptop than you would with Macs.  Get some exclusive deals for MacBooks here using Macsales Promo Code

Final Thoughts: Why MacBook Is Better Than Other Laptops

The online downside of the Macbook is that it is expensive and not everybody can afford it especially in developing and third world countries. This is where the new brands and new alternatives of MacBook are emerging in the markets with almost the same features and functions as Macs. 

However, the price of Macs may be high but all the apple products are valued for money. After purchasing it you won’t regret it. As we discuss the performance, speed, durability and all other key features of the MacBook makes it worth that price. That is why the MacBook is better than other laptops in the market.