What is Fusion 360 Mainly Used For?

What is Fusion 360 Mainly Used For?

We all know that Fusion 360 is a famous name under the AutoDesk software series. A person who works on 3D models in any department must have heard the name of it at least once. But exceptions are those who are either new to this field or have just started exploring the 3D world. Fusion 360 is new for them and they must have a question: what is Fusion 360 mainly used for? For all those people, this article is for you. Here you will get to know about each and every detail of Fusion 360. What is AutoDesk Fusion 360? What are its features? How it is used? What is the price range? Where can it be used?

There is much software that is provided by AutoDesk in various tech fields. Fusion 360 is one of them. It is famous because of its 3D modeling tools and functionality. So without wasting time let’s start with what is AutoDesk 360? Further, we will discuss its functionality and use of Fusion 360..  

What is AutoDesk Fusion 360?

Fusion 360 is a software or a tool designed by the famous giant AutoDesk. As AutoDesk already has many famous tools for various tech fields. This software has some specifications dedicated to different areas. Fusion 360 is a well-integration of two applications CAD and CAM. 

Even this has all those necessary tools that are required from designing to fabrication in it. This means you can perform all the processes on a single platform. You can create the prototypes and the models and finish projects due to its CAD and CAM. With the help of different file types, there is no issue in importing files.

Features of Fusion 360

Features of Fusion 360

Since this software is specifically dedicated to the students of engineering or we can be engineering enthusiasts. Hence, there are a lot of features you will find related to the engineering department. 

  1. Manufacturing:

As the world is moving to computerize itself, manufacturing using computers has become quite common. This software allowed the creation of objects on CNC machines. Hence making cuts using this software becomes an easy task using its tools.

  1. 3D Modeling: 

3D modeling is quite popular among creators. Hence Fusion 360 also offers various modeling, like surface, parametric, freeform, mesh, and direct modeling. Even it provides creation like sheet metal parts. It also supports non-history and history-based modeling. This feature is quite similar to the feature provided by VMware Fusion. With the VMware coupon code, you can save lots of bucks while purchasing that.

  1. Generative Designs: 

You can find endless generative designs for various processes using Fusion 360. 

  1. Electronics: 

If you are hailed from an electronics background or just going to start that journey, you will find fusion 360 helpful. Since, the functionalities like PCB layout, routing, and schematic design of fusion 360, you can do wonders. This software allows the collaboration of various designers like ECAD and MCAD. If you are going to use Fusion 360, you are directly going to eliminate the third-party software. 

  1. Collaboration: 

As we are a little above. Fusion 360 is based on a cloud model, hence the person can share its software with anyone. Hence, communicating with people from any corner of the world becomes quite easy.

  1. Stimulation: 

Two types of stimulation, deformation and stress analysis that have both linear and non-linear material features are supported. So if there is any common failure that arises, it will get revealed as the stress levels.

  1. Hierarchical Schematic Capture & Collaboration: 

It supports a 16-layer PCB system and provides unlimited hierarchical schematic capture. Using Fusion 360 a person can connect teams in real-time. It can manage global collaboration due to the Cloud Collaboration feature of Fusion 360.

What is the price range of Fusion 360?

There are three subscription plans provided by AutoDesk Fusion 360, Monthly, annually, and 3-Year. Each has its own pros and cons. For example, if someone is new to Autodesk and wants to try fusion 360 after a money-back period, he can try the monthly plan. If a person wants to save time and money and is willing to use this software for a long period, 3-Year is best for him.

PlansPlan Price ($)
Monthly Subscription$ 60
Annual or 1-year Subscription Plan$ 495
3-year Subscription Plan$ 1,410

Fusion 360 has four different ranges according to features and functionality. 

  1. Fusion 360 for professional/commercial: 

This is the best one for those who want CAD, CAM, PCB, and CAE all functionalities together. It provides a fully featured development platform with all the extensive tools and collaboration. Even access to EAGLE Premium and HSMWorks.

  1. Fusion 360 Extensions: 

This Extension of fusion 360 has advanced capabilities and workflow for your more functionalities projects. This pack has extensive additive manufacturing, fabrication capabilities, generative designing, and much more. Even using different plans of fusion 360, a person can build their own package according to needs. 

  1. The Fusion 360 for Personal Use: 

This fusion 360 pack has limited use and limited features. It has a free version that can be renewed on a yearly basis. But to get this Fusion 360 for personal use, a person first needs to become a hobbyist user. A person who earns less than $1,000 in annual revenue is known as a hobbyist. A user only uses this pack for non-commercial design, home-based, manufacturing, and fabrication projects. A person with a hobbyist account can download this range free of cost.

  1. Fusion 360 For Education: 

This Fusion 360 pack is specially designed for educators, to the teachers. The main motive behind Fusion 360 for education is to bring innovation among students. Hence, this is free of cost and built for easy learning processes. 

Where is Fusion 360 used?

The first question that arises in a person’s mind is what is fusion 360 mainly used for? Well, this question can have the simplest answer. It means Autodesk Fusion 360 provides every tool whether it has small use or big use while making a project. Hence, it has every tool that a person needs for professional usage. But see the more in-depth.

  1. For Electronics background it has PCB designing. Fusion 360 has everything related to PCB designing the schematic, stimulation, libraries, and much more.
  2. For Mechanical Engineers, it has 3D modeling. There the engineer or a user can design, manufacture, and stimulate his ideas.
  3. Industrial Designers have 3D prototyping in fusion 360. They can connect with engineering teams faster.
  4. For Machinists Fusion 360 has CAD and CAM-like tools. These are not only tools but also quality parts that improve the cycle times.  
  5. For Educators and students who are genuinely interested in designing and manufacturing, AutoDesk is an opportunity for them. As Fusion 360 is free for them, hence they can learn and can get ahead in the race.

What are the best deals on AutoDesk Fusion 360?

You can get the best deals on Fusion 360 on our website. There you will get to know about various ongoing deals and discounts available on Fusion 360 using the Fusion 360 discount code. There are a lot of huge discounts waiting there. You have a chance to grab this wonderful software at the lowest price. Even there you can get an 80% discount. So hurry up, it is better to buy it now rather than spend money without discounts.

Support provided by AutoDesk

AutoDesk Fusion 360 provides a 30-day money-back guarantee so that a person can explore this software. Even a user can take a free trial of any AutoDesk product by visiting autodesk.com/free-trials. If you are an educator or have a startup, you can access Fusion 360 at no cost. To cancel the free trial, you can turn off automatic renewal before the trial period ends. Anyone can purchase it by phone number: 1-855-664-9297.


After going through the article, we can conclude that Fusion 360 is a very powerful software. It is developed in a way so that a professional, as well as a beginner, can find it helpful. With so many powerful tools it is one place for every part of a project. 

A user can build a project from scratch and completely fabricate it in the end. He does not need to shuffle on various platforms for different steps. Even collaboration is super easy with this software. So if you get the answer to  What is Fusion 360 Mainly Used for? then go ahead and buy it. If you want to buy it at a low cost and looking for discount opportunities then visit our websites for Discount Codes. 

Most Aksed questions/ (FAQs)

Who uses AutoDesk Fusion 360 software?

It has been used by people from different fields. Like Various Engineering scholars, startups, Designers, Students, and much more.

Is Fusion 360 free?

It is freely available for hobbyists, educators like teachers, and startups.

Is AutoDesk Fusion 360 better than AutoCAD?

Both are different things and can not be comparable. AutoDesk users have to work on the command line but that is not the case with Fusion360. The main difference is Fusion 360 is a fully 3D tool whereas AutoCAD is 2D and 3D.

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