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ZenMate is a VPN provider company and it is popular because its VPN products are cost-effective. If you are searching for the best VPN provider company then you can find numerous. But a VPN client w... more ››




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ZenMate has brought VPN software to free your head and get rid of hackers & trackers. ZenMate VPN is trusted by more than 47 million users worldwide. Do you want your online activity to remain hid... more ››




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ZenMate VPN Promo Code For Discount

ZenMate is a VPN software provider company and you can connect to servers from 74+ countries worldwide. ZenMate VPN has been built for providing privacy when the user comes online. VPN means the virtual private network that connects you over the internet. ZenMate servers are connected across more than 74+ countries worldwide. You can choose the ZenMate VPN for any device or system to get security and privacy over the internet. ZenMate Coupon Code is available for purchasing ZenMate VPN and save your money. ZenMate VPN has become the most preferred choice for users to get security. ZenMate provides the VPN at a reasonable price and gives a discount on buying of VPN plan. So for saving your money and quality VPN services you can purchase ZenMate VPN Coupon Code.

ZenMate VPN Coupon Code

Why do you need ZenMate VPN?

You all know that today we live in a digital world and connect worldwide. So here is the need to come for a VPN on your devices. ZenMate VPN provides you security it means no one can see your online activity. Wherever you go and wherever you online the VPN of ZenMate keeps protect you from the trackers. If you add this ZenMate app to your devices your browsing activity will keep protected. It is easy for you to set up ZenMate VPN on your device just in one click. ZenMate downloads easily from ZenMate’s site and also it offers a free VPN for your browser.

What are the ZenMate VPN plans?

There are three plans that you can choose for securing your browser & online activity. one plan is for 1 month and the second plan for 12 months, and the third plan for 6 months. if you will choose 12 months plan, you get 6 months freer it means for 18 months.

6 months extra free ZenMate VPN

  • 1-month plan at $10.99/mo*
  • 6 months plan at $5.39/mo*
  • 12 months plan at $2.22/mo* (+6 months free)
Save 80% on ZenMate VPN

ZenMate brings a VPN plan for you of 18 months, out of these 6 months is extra free. The Price of this ZenMate VPN is $2.22/month and you can save 80% money. Even then if you are not satisfied with any ZenMate VPN plan you can get your money-back guarantee for 30 days. Install VPN for hiding your IP address, blocking irrelevant websites & for private browsing.

6 months ZenMate VPN plan & save your 51% money

Save up to 51% on 6 months ZenMate VPN Plan

If you want to get 6 months plan and also want to save your maximum money. This plan is good for you to save extra bucks and privacy VPN. Easily set this VPN in your device in one click for your browser, firefox, opera, and others. The price is $10.99/mo* but you can save your 51% and buy this at $5.39/month.

What VPN you can download for what devices?

You can download any ZenMate VPN here is the list given below:

  • Free VPN
  • VPN for Mac
  • VPN for Windows
  • VPN for iOS
  • VPN for Android
  • VPN for Chrome
  • VPN for firefox
  • ZenMate for OpenVPN

Let’s discuss all these ZenMate VPN for all your devices

ZenMate Free VPN

ZenMate Free VPN

ZenMate VPN is completely free to download for use in your chrome browser. ZenMate VPN for chrome provides the users zero-logs, military-grade encryption & unblock streaming. Download this easily on ZenMate online store. You need to create an account on ZenMate and add this to your browser for enabling a VPN in your chrome. It is a ZenMate free version that has access only to 4 server locations. The maximum speed is 2 MB/s and works only on chrome & firefox. We just discuss here for free ZenMate VPN for chrome browser, for more advanced features you can choose ZenMate Ultimate.

Features of ZenMate Ultimate
  • It accesses 74+ server locations
  • 100% no logs policy for Zenmate users
  • There is unlimited bandwidth speed & traffic
  • It works on Mac, Windows, iOS, android, firefox, & chrome
ZenMate VPN for Mac

ZenMate VPN for Mac

This is one of the best VPN for Mac users when you buy this get 7 days to start trials. ZenMate VPN for Mac provides the features of the unblocking streaming of services. It servers located in 74+ countries, zero-logging policy, and military-grade encryptions. VPN for Mac protects your server if your internet connection has failed down. So it does not let your data leak and your privacy. You can hide and change your IP address so that no one can track your personal information. The purchasing plans for Mac VPN are the same as those discussed earlier. You can choose any plan by ZenMate VPN Coupon Code.

Download ZenMate VPN for windows

ZenMate VPN for Window

You can easily download this VPN for your windows and connect by doing the 3 easiest steps. Firstly, you need to launch your VPN then select your favorite server and on the last, your window will secure. Bookmarking available to add your favorite server and connect easily with it. This is a Zenmate’s window app that blocks internet traffic when your connection disconnected. ZenMate VPN for the window is the best and reasonable VPN for you.

Features of Window VPN application
  • Favorite servers
  • Secure VPN for all devices
  • Unblock streaming services
  • Servers located in 74+ countries
  • Trusted by over 47 million users
  • Strict no-logging policy
ZenMate Ultimate iOS VPN

Download this VPN from the application store and connect to servers in over 74+ countries. Get fast connection speed and unlimited bandwidth in ZenMate VPN for iOS. A zero-logging policy feature helps the users hide their online browsing activity 100%. Military-grade encryption keeps you away from cyber-attackers and hackers. ZenMate is serving the best VPN services since 2013 and that’s why it won the trust of more than 47 million users worldwide. You can buy the best value plan at $2.22/month and 6 months extra free with 12 months by ZenMate Promo.

ZenMate VPN for Android

You can download this VPN for your android from the google play store easily. To set up this VPN in your android you just need to launch ZenMate and create your account on ZenMate. Your data and connection will not hack by the feature of military-grade encryption in ZenMate VPN for Android. Install this VPN for complete protection of your android device and keep preventive by cyber-attackers. There are the same three plans for android VPN, 1 month, 18 months, and 6  months. The most valuable and the best plan is for 18 months at $2.22/month. But you can choose a 1-month plan at $10.99/month and 6 months plan at $5.39/month.

ZenMate VPN for Chrome

ZenMate VPN for Chrome

Download this VPN for your Chrome by choosing any one plan mentioned above. This is easy to add a chrome extension of ZenMate VPN. ZenMate VPN for Chrome protects your personal information and hides the IP address from hackers. You can add this extension simply by visiting the chrome store but for this, you need to create & verify the account. This is the way to add a VPN to your chrome browser. At the same time or later if you want to disable then you can easily do this. Simply click on the icon of ZenMate VPN and turn off the toggle button. The purchasing of plans and prices are the same for all devices.

ZenMate VPN for Firefox

Just like Chrome, you can add this ZenMate VPN extension for Mozilla Firefox. ZenMate users will get starting 7 days trials and 30 days money-back guarantee on all VPN devices. The process for adding this extension is the same as the ZenMate VPN extension chrome. For adding this extension you have to visit the web store and for launching it create & verify the account.

ZenMate for OpenVPN

OpenVPN is a different VPN as the name tells in itself it comes from the open-source protocol. It was founded by James Yonan under the GNU general public license. ZenMate VPN for OpenVPN keeps your internet data safe and secure. But for downloading this VPN you should have a client for VPN & after this, you can download, install from the website.

Get 6 Extra Months of ZenMate for Free

ZenMate provides extra 6 months of VPN only in one plan at $2.22/month. This is a plan of 12 months but if you buy this with ZenMate VPN Coupon Code you will get an extra 6 months free. Use this VPN for all of your devices desktop, android, Mac, iOS, and other systems. ZenMate VPN was made in Germany and protect an unlimited number of devices. Its servers are located in more than 74 countries worldwide.

ZenMate Coupon Code & Promo Code & save up to 80%

ZenMate Discount Code & Save Up to 80%

Yes, this is great information for the ZenMate users who are going to purchase a VPN. ZenMate providing you an 80% discount on VPN by ZenMate Discount Code. This is one of the best deals and offers for you but it can be for a limited time. Hurry Up! just grab the deal now and save your maximum money up to 80% on ZenMate VPN. So do not miss this opportunity, get this deal and keep safe and secure your devices, browser from hackers.