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Employee monitoring is the most trusted software of the users, this is made by the SentryPC company. You can use this software for monitoring your employee if are running your business. Sentry PC tria... more ››




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SentryPC is a company that provides software for your home, school, and company. This company was come in 2001 to monitoring computers. There are many plans you can choose for home PC monitoring, comp... more ››




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SentryPC is a software provider company that started in the year 2001 to monitor & manage the user’s computer. SentryPC monitoring your computer’s activities on the internet anytime and anywhere.  Do you want to control the network computer? If yes, this best option for you to buy SentyPC software by using the SentryPC Coupon Code. SentryPC has become the largest company for providing home PC monitoring, business, schools & other monitoring purposes you have a business then you can use SentryPC software for monitoring your employees.

SentryPC Coupon Code

This software available for you at an actual price but you can save on it by SentryPC discount. The computer becomes the basic need for everyone and at your home, your children also use that. So for control and monitoring on your kid’s work at any time and anywhere, parental control software for you. Computers are widely used in schools so you can use monitoring your students.

What does SentryPC do?

SentryPC provides software for your devices like computers, laptops, macOS, and other android devices. It built products for your business, home, small offices, school, institution & other places. These are the place where the system uses a regular basis so for monitoring them & internet activity. SentryPC provides software that you can purchase by a SentryPC voucher for a home or company.

Features of SentryPC

SentryPC provides software that fits at every location it means in school, business, home & other places. You can use these on your devices macOS, laptop, PC, android, and another system. Before purchasing any SentryPC software you can also get a SentryPC online demo. A user can access the SentryPC account from any web browser, from any device it does not matter. Get access wherever and anytime whenever you want to monitor a user’s computer.

Features of SentryPC

Provides access anytime, anywhere

For using SentryPC you just need a SentryPC login to access your secure online account. If you use any software on your devices then you can access it anywhere, anytime in the world. It does not matter for you where you are, SentryPC provides protection everywhere and on the internet. It provides you real-time protection and after creating your secure account you can be updated and change settings immediately.

Activity monitoring and recording

activity monitoring & recording

SentryPC keeps monitor user’s computers that they use and maintain recording of their activities. Install this software and purchase it to save your maximum dollar by SentryPC voucher Code. When a user sits in front of the computer to uses it and the internet on it. SentryPC recorded all activity, which means the exact date, time and, duration of the activity. Each user wants to know what activity is doing if it is used by others, in offices, school, and home. Know each activity of the user which he is doing on your computer or your kids do through parental control software.

Content Filtering & Restrictions

This is the best feature of SentryPC for filtering chat, messages, website, game, keywords, & application. This gives an alert to the users about user activity that has been blocked by email notifications. If you want to allow or block your website URL for some hours of any day of the week. Then you can filter your website if you need to filter, a word category blocks the word if it is irrelevant on the page. You can enter your specific keyword if any user finds it then by your keyword it will automatically close. Filter messages which have popular like skype, yahoo, my space IM, Xfire, Odigo and, others. So If you will use this content filtering & restriction then you will be able to filter messages, chat, website, keyword & more. This software also provides security options to the user to enabling or disable activity.

Time management & scheduling

Time management & scheduling

This feature works well to manage company computers, in school and at home to monitor the work of kids. You can access your users for using a computer on what hours and how many days. For making scheduling and fix the time of using a computer you can set the maximum time to allow your device. Set maximum allow time for each day and a week whatever you want. So SentryPC is the most useful software provider for time management that you can buy using the SentryPC discount code. If you have a company and employees working in your company so you can set time for their work. Example: Set the time for the whole week and the time of each day is 10 am to 7 pm. SentryPC provides you software for your computer to get time management and scheduling. In school, home, business sets the time to use the computer and it shows alert if time running out.

Remote installation & Stealth operation

A user can install this very easily because it does not require any physical presence to installing. SentryPC trial is also available for you that can take before purchasing software for your computer. It means for having this software on your computer, you need to create an account on SentryPC. You will become a secure online user and you can view logs, change setting in your account. SentryPC sends you an installation file through email to your remote computer. Install SentryPC software via install file and you do not need to do anything for this.

What are the system requirements for installing SentryPC?

  • SentryPC software supported in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT, 200x from 32 bit to 64 bit.
  • Supported in all mac operating systems.
  • It requires 1 MB hard disk space and an email address for your account.
  • A good internet connection is needed to install on your computer.

Who needs SentryPC on their computer?

SentryPC most needed by a company, at home, school, college, institute & other places. If your children use the computer in their home so by parental control software you can monitor them. Students in school, college, or institute use the computer so for checking their online activity what they exactly do. This is the most needed software at every place so buy this today with SentryPC Promotional code.

How to download SentryPC on your computer?

For installing this SentryPC on your computer you do not require to spend more time. You just need a few minutes to get started on your device. First, create your account on and sign in to view activity logs and setting that you can change. If you will purchase SentryPC then immediately available for you to download. After this, you need to follow some steps to install on your computer & can change the setting when you sign in.

Plan & Pricing of SentryPC

There are six plans that SentryPC offers to the users so you can choose any one plan which fits your need. Plans start from the SentryPC basic plan to the business 1000 plan.

Choose any plan that is:

  • Basic Plan
  • Business 50
  • Business 100
  • Business 250
  • Business 500
  • Business 1000

Basic Plan – SentryPC build a basic plan to manage only 1 personal computer in a single license. You can store up to 500 screenshots & the cost is $59.95/ year but you can get a discount by using SentryPC Coupons & Promotions. It works in your Windows PC and Mac operating system.

Business 50 – This plan you can get if you have a business and up to 50 personal computers are running. Manage your business and 50 computers in 50 Licence and add up to 500 screenshots. Its price is $995.00 a year but to get a huge discount & save your dollar use SentryPC business 50 Coupon.

Business 100 – business 100 plan best for you if you have up to 100 PC running in your business. here, you can store 1000 screenshots in 100 Licence and manage your 100 personal computers.

Business 250 – choose this plan to manage your 250 computers in 250 SentryPC Licence. Store up to 1000 screenshots and it cost $11.98 per license.

Business 500 –  This plan fits you if you have a medium or large business and want to manage 500 computers. You will get 500 Licence and 2000 screenshots in this plan.

Business 1000 – Buy this plan to manage up to 1000 computers by using the SentryPC discount coupon. Get 1000 Licence and 2000 screenshots.

Customer Support Center of SentryPC

SentryPC customer support

SentryPC provides support to the customers and they can contact to SentryPC support team. Apart from this, You will have guides, an installation guide that helps to install, common questions. Get news and updates, documentation, Here latest blog post that helps you to upgrade to the latest version. Frequently asked question always help the customer because some basic issue SentryPC already know that a customer can face.

Save your maximum money by SentryPC Promo Code

SentryPC Promo Code

Here, is the best opportunity for those users who want to purchase the SentryPC plan. If you will buy any plan either a basic or business plan, you can save your money. Just use the SentryPC Promo Code to get a huge discount on Parental software, employee monitoring software. Before goes out this offer uses a code to get a discount and save your maximum money.