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Why you prefer Lorex Technology A brief view of Security features in cameras.

1. Field of View: Field of View refers to the width of the area a camera can record. It is important because it will affect how many cameras you’ll need and where you should place them.

2. Sound: the Sound feature is playing a necessary role behind closed doors. It records all the sounds activity that happens in your area or home.
3. Camera Movement: Some cameras unable to cover a large area of your place and make some area unprotected, so this campaign feature allows the camera to cover all areas or place by revolving. It reduces the number of cameras that needed for surveillance of a particular field.

4. Night vision: Night vision is the handy feature in our security cameras. In this feature, you can easily see the clear images in low light and even in the night. This feature enables you to more protective in the night, and it captures all misbehaving objects quickly

5. Wi-Fi ability: Wi-Fi feature in the camera allows you to connect your device quickly, and you can easily communicate with your home wirelessly and observed anything. This feature works without wire, and it doesn’t need any single cable for connection.

6. Camera Resolution: If the camera has the capability to show an object or images clearly than it is called a high-resolution camera. The resolution defines how clear the picture from your camera will be. The clear vision will be helpful in identifying any objects or images clearly.

Different categories of security solutions provided by Lorex

We offer a different kind of safety cameras and devices for our customers to surveillance. Here some of the classes of security solution are mentioned below:
1. Home Security Solution: that type of security cameras has been made with the purpose of home surveillance. This camera is easy to install and provide high-quality video performance and make your home secure and keep monitoring quickly by remote controlling system cameras.

2. Outdoor security solutions: Lorex Technology also made cameras for outdoor purpose, in which you can easily observe any outdoor activities while you are sitting inside the home. Lorex Technology has made separate cameras for outdoor surveillance. Outdoors cameras are capable of watching the objects or images in both day and night. That kind of cameras is installing in hidden places, and it is designed for the outdoor purpose that nobody unable to see the camera.

3. Business security solutions: It is essential for keeping an eye on business, and it is possible with Lorex, Lorex also has security premium cameras with high resolution and HD recording. That kind of cameras is specially made for business surveillance purpose. You can easily watch a recording or live telecast of business activities, and we bring high capacity storage devices to store large sized videos.