Why is Kaspersky the best antivirus 2022?

kaspersky best antivirus

Kaspersky was founded back in 1997 and since that time offers the best cybersecurity globally. It is also counted on one of the oldest and most popular antivirus companies that security is almost unbreakable. Kaspersky offers high threat intelligence features, an easy-to-use platform, expert security, and more innovative security solutions are the reasons that make Kaspersky the best antivirus

Today many antivirus companies claim that they offer the best security solution to the users. But the only showoff and marketing won’t work in online security. To prove your product the best online and offline security solution, an antivirus company must have to test the product on more deadly viruses. Kaspersky Lab is widely popular because of the most tested and most awarded antivirus solution that offers the highest antivirus protection to the users.

Why Kaspersky is the best antivirus

According to research, you can identify Kaspersky’s progress regarding real-world protection tests, Malware protection tests, Performance tests, File detection tests, Malware removal tests. Above all these tests, Kaspersky’s performance is far better than many antivirus companies.

Kaspersky is a complete security suite and whatever you need to protect like PC, mobile phone, iOS, Mac, and more devices. Apart from the multiple devices support the security solution also comes at affordable rates. Other more reasons make Kaspersky the best security solution and worth money, and here are some of them.

List of 10 Reasons That Proves Kaspersky Best Antivirus Software

reasons to choose kaspersky antivirus

Kaspersky Lab security is one of the favourite choices of users worldwide because of several reasons. Because of the amazing security features, now it has millions of users worldwide, in which corporate and personal use are included. Many users are using Kaspersky products since it was not as popular as it is now. Just because of the more security features, the number of Kaspersky antivirus users is increasing every day. Let’s elaborate on all the reasons that make Kaspersky one of the best choices for antivirus.

  • Award-Winning Antivirus

Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus companies that shields your device from viruses, ransomware, and more other online cyberattacks. From 2013 to 2019, the company has won many different awards from some top security platforms. Not every antivirus company has won awards from AV protection, PC Mag, Forrester, IDC, ICSA Lab, and more other experts. If you want to secure your device then choosing an antivirus that is awarded different platforms is the best option for you.

  • Privacy and Identity Protection

While using the internet, one of the main concerns for the user is to protect privacy and identity. Today the ease of internet access gives the increasing demand for leaked personal data like images, private moments, and more other things. You definitely don’t want to be a victim of any of the attacks and that is why you use Kaspersky antivirus software. Kaspersky prevents different privacy and identity hacking attacks like webcam hijacking, internet activity tracing, and phishing. Because of all these features, you can easily maintain your anonymity and secure your privacy online.

  • Safe Money

The ease of internet access also leads the world to digital payment and this gives birth to online money stealing cyberattacks. A normal user does not have a complete idea about phishing websites. To handle all the phishing websites the normal users have to use the best antivirus that saves their money from online attackers. Kaspersky offers a safe money feature that provides an encrypted secure browser whenever you use shopping and banking works on your device.

  • Most Secure VPN Service

why kaspersky best antivirus

A VPN is really necessary to protect your privacy and online identity when you daily use the internet. Nowadays, many other intruders online breach your online identity and can steal all your data. Once your data gets stolen then your personal identity is completely vulnerable and could harm you in different ways. Money loss, mental torture, money loss, and more conclusions you could face once you will become a victim of identity theft. Kaspersky automatically detects public wi-fi and other networks and offers smart & secure VPN features to secure your device. The users get a minimum of 200MB VPN usage in the lowest Kaspersky Antivirus plan and increase time by time. You can have a ride to our Kaspersky VPN to get complete detail of this VPN software.

  • Password Manager

Nowadays, users have multiple websites for different purposes and most of them asked to make a secure password for security purposes. To make a secure password the user has to use alphabets, numbers, and also special characters. While making a secure password, it is common that a user may forget the password for most websites. Also, the situation gets tricky sometimes when we don’t have the same device to use the forgot password feature. Kaspersky is the best solution to handle such a situation because it offers a password manager feature to the users. The password manager feature stores all your password and secures from all the online attackers. Also, you can securely store, generate and use the autofill password easily without facing any trouble. This feature is completely free with the Kaspersky antivirus security solution.

  • Data Leak Checker

Sometimes the attackers breach the security even of the expert’s users too which is definitely a worst-case. Maybe the expert users can identify and handle this serious situation but it’s almost impossible for beginners. In most cases, beginners do not have a single idea that their account is leaked and someone is spying on them. Kaspersky antivirus looks at all the leaked accounts and guides the users to get the solution to all the problems. Kaspersky data leak checker is very useful and very necessary for all the users to maintain account security.

  • App Permission Manager

Like the data leak checker, many smartphone users are victims of data theft by third-party applications. Today, many useful applications widely used by the users are not available at the Google play store or Apple store. This leads the users to the other websites that offer third party applications and more other services. In such a website, identifying the malicious website is very important. But for most of the users identifying the malicious one is almost impossible. That’s the reason why Kaspersky antivirus is very useful to handle this problem. The company offers an app permission manager feature to the user that shows the permission used by apps on your android device.

  • Real-Time Protection

An antivirus should offer security at the same time when the user is accessing the internet on the same device. Many antivirus software does not offer the best security solution to the users which is very necessary. When the user accesses the internet, they perform different activities in which different websites and software are included. Kaspersky offers the real-time protection feature to the users that is a complete solution package for this problem. So, whenever the user is accessing the internet, Kaspersky antivirus traces all websites and software and blocks the suspicious ones to secure the user’s data. Because of this feature, you will be secure from most of the internet attacks that are common nowadays.

  • Best Customer Support

Customer support is very necessary for all the users that help them whenever they face any problem regarding the software. The problem could be anything and the users can face huge trouble without it. Technical supports are also very helpful to tackle more cyberattacks that are uncommon currently. Kaspersky antivirus offers one of the best customer support to users that are unlikely to get any other software company. It’s not like that only Kaspersky has amazing technical experts. But the solution duration offered by Kaspersky customer support made it one of the best choices of the users and best antivirus globally. 

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  • Reliable Antivirus Security

Where among the highest antivirus security features, finding the most reliable antivirus with advanced security features is hard. Many antivirus companies claim to offer the same security services that could be easily available everywhere. But things change when you have to get a reliable antivirus compared to normal antivirus. Reliable antivirus helps users to give security most of the time, so users could easily enjoy the internet without fear of cyber attacks. Kaspersky is widely popular for offering the world’s best reliable antivirus security solution that is hard to get. The company gets a common 99.9% reliable service from the top testing laboratories. Reliable antivirus protection also makes Kaspersky the best antivirus in the world.


Kaspersky antivirus security solution is a one-stop security hub that offers the highest internet security features to the users at an affordable price. Where some of the features could be available at other antivirus software too but not all of them. Also, if you want to access all the features on another antivirus, you have to pay more than the Kaspersky antivirus. Apart from being an affordable antivirus, the company also offers many security solutions that lead it to be the best security solution. Safe money protection, unmatched customer support, data leak protection, password manager, reliability, and higher performance makes Kaspersky the best antivirus in the world. What do you think, which features make Kaspersky more popular and lead to the world’s best antivirus? Comment your opinion and let’s start a healthy discussion.