SentryPC is a company that provides software for your home, school, and company. This company was come in 2001 to monitoring computers. There are many plans you can choose for home PC monitoring, computer in school and other places. Do you want to get access to your computer? Yes, this is only for you if you want to monitor computer activities. It is not possible for you if you have a company to keep an eye on their employee. So for this purpose, You can buy SentryPC software by using SentryPC Computer Monitoring Promo Code. When you will purchase SentryPC product you have to pay the actual price but for saving money & get a discount you can use SentryPC Computer Monitoring Coupon. It is in your hand to manage, control and understand your user’s computer what they exactly do. A SentryPC user can use this anytime, anywhere internet activities of users.

What does it do?

It do SentryPC

SentryPC software protects and manages the activities of users that can access from anywhere, anytime. It works in window PC, mac operating system and for installing this you require good internet. SentryPC online demo is also provided by the SentryPC company to its users. It monitors your user’s all activity and also you can set the time limit for using this. You can choose a plan from basic that cost starts at $59.95/ year but get 50% off by SentryPC Computer Monitoring discount. It is cloud-based computer monitoring that records the activities each day and of an hour.

Features of SentryPC Monitoring software

This is an award-winning computer monitoring software with content filtering, time management wrapped on this. It has many essential features that would bound you to buy this.

features of sentryPC

24/7 remote access in the cloud

It provides you 24/7 remote access and for this, you just need SentryPC login. The creation of an account is necessary then you can do SentryPC download on your computer. It enabling you to view all computers at one time for monitoring. Use this real-time activity and cloud-based software & you can view chat, messages, games, and others.

Activity Monitoring & Recording

When a user sits in front of the computer to use it, every activity will be recorded. By using the SentryPC Computer Monitoring voucher code you can purchase it and record the IP address location of the computer. It recorded whatever a user searches online and has a feature of chat conversation logging. Block the activity by keyword or phrase and get a notification if the user tries to search on the computer.

SentryPC Coupon Code

Content Filtering & Restriction

This is one of the best features includes in SentryPC monitoring software. Just set some words for example by the name of your child, phone number and other. This is known as the custom creation activity to control network computers. You can easily set here an activity for which you want to get notification or alert by email.

Time Management & Scheduling

This feature is important and requires in company and offices to set the time management of their employees. Time management and scheduling are essential that you can fit in the computer by the SentryPC Computer Monitoring discount code. It provides you access to what hour and on what days it has been used.

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Do you want to save your money on purchasing SentryPC monitoring software? Here, it is the best option by SentryPC Coupon Code to get a discount. So use this software and get customer support also by contact with the SentryPC team supporter. It is never difficult for any user to install it, SentryPC built all software that is easy to use.