OWC Presenting OWC Mercury Elite pro-Dual 2-Bay Thunderbolt 2 RAID Enclosure. It includes 2-Bay and 2 Thunderbolt that help you to make a direct-attached space system for Mac and windows. You can hold 2.5/3.5 SATA Hard drives and SSDs with the help of two bays.  You get the option to set your drives in RAID 0 which measures Data of both the drives and gets you the speed approx 474 MB/s.  Also, you can change the drive in RAID 1, SPAN, or single-mode by the RAID controller. It has some more benefits like aluminum addition and a Fan for cooling internal elements. For maintaining transfer speed between the drives it has Thunderbolt 2 with a speed of 20 Gb/s. Get this Mercury Elite pro exclusive with MacSales Promo Code and get some cool discount on this.

OWC Mercury Elite pro dual


RAID Dual Drive Hardware – This Thunderbolt 2 mercury elite pro dual is the best RAID system for backups, working, and handling projects. It is easy to configure to any independent mode.

Performance- Thunderbolt 2 mercury elite pro has come with a very fast working speed of up to 475MB/s. Its improved speed and enhanced work efficiency make it better than other RAIDs. It is capable to provide your workflow requirements.

Thunderbolt 2- The dual Thunderbolt 2 helps in increasing workstation capabilities. These improved capabilities provide you the best working and user experience. It increases the power of the Drives that results in an improved device’s overall performance.

Cooling- cooling is one of the main factors that help in improving Drive performance and increasing its life. Mercury Elite Pro Dual has the best smart power fan that has excellent cooling factors that improve efficiency. Through which drive works well.

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Macsales Mercury Elite Pro Dual

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