MacSales Thunderbolt Expansion allows you to plug in an extra slot and port connection to your Thunderbolt-equipped devices. The expansion comes with capabilities so that you can Daisy chain devices and extend workstation for more productivity. It lets you connect several kinds of cards like USB 3.1/3.0/2.0 and USB-C, SSD, network, eSATA, FireWire or video capture cards. You can make several connections to the same port from the expansion slot of your device. Get the excellent speed and best performance with its extended workspace. To enhance the capabilities of your Thunderbolt laptop or desktop.

MacSalesT hunderbolt Expansion Deals

Features of Thunderbolt Expansion

Improve productivity with The Excellent Speeds

Thunderbolt was known as the fastest connecting technology, hence you do not have to hassle with performance and speed issues. It can provide more work results in the minimum time and increase your work productivity. You can make the addition of a display to your computer at up to 45 GB/s. quick data access, no interruptions, quick downloads. Easily open uncompressed files like graphics, videos, images on the fly.

Expand The workstation

The expansion system lets you connect additional displays to your pc. You have the choice of Daisy chain up to six devices and get the best overall performance.  Through the double connected displays, your work can be more efficient and faster without interruptions occurrence.

Purchase Thunderbolt expansion From OWC MAcSales

MacSalesT hunderbolt Expansion

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