MacSales Thunderbolt Dock are revolutionary and fastest working Industry-leading Docks available in the industry. It was created to make things easy and make a fast connection to Thunderbolt device with several outer devices that results in a complete desk ecosystem. It is helpful for people who want to get an easily 4k workstation and wants to plug a 5k or two 4k displays via Display port and thunderbolt port to access the ultra Hd.

Add extra power to your laptop and improve its strength through MacSales Thunderbolt Dock.  It comes with  USB-C 5Gbps port and rear USB 3.0 port and a front USB 3.0 port with 2.1A charging, a GB Ethernet port. And connect up to 5 thunderbolt equipped devices through Daisy chaining. It provides a data transmission speed of up to 45GBps and a power supply of approx 90W to your computer or mac.

MacSales Thunderbolt Dock Offers

Benefits of  Thunderbolt Docks

Whether you have mac or windows there is no need for drivers and downloads to work. The software present in Dock lets you protect your data and device through cable lock. Its ultimate performing features lets you transfer data and files, videos, audios with high power transmission speed. Also, you can add external Display.

With the Thunderbolt ports dock configures your laptop into a well-working computer. The ports used for power transfer or file transfer and USB-C featuring or Daisy chaining to approx 4 or 5 thunderbolts equipped device. You have the option to increase your display size and get productive results. The dock includes flexible security systems that assist in thin laptops to apple, HP, Sony, Asus, and many other companies. The dock gives an easy connection to available laptops ports without any replacement.

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Multi-User Dock

The multi-tasking Dock gives a connection to all stations to the IT professionals through its multi-user system. The Dock gives you a very safe and secure service and defends from the computer threat of violence. With its normal locking system, you can hold safe your device with safety from the theft activities. Its safety protocol lets you encrypted renewal and comes with an excellent device locker system. It helps to connect your laptop to outer devices and provides the best connectivity. with only one cable you can connect multi-devices to your laptop. Also, you can charge your Mac transfer displays and provides full speed. It plays multi-tasking and multi-user roll to your device and makes it easy to work and use as well.

Features Of MacSales ThunderBolt Dock

MacSales Thunderbolt Dock Deal

Thunderbolt Dock provides an inbuilt display port that drives approx up to 5k resolution.  Here you get the standard compatible, adjustable and flexible display system and features. So plug into another display and get high productivity. You do not have to compromise with driving the display. It can be the ultimate solution to your work or project performance.

Single cable charging

A single cable requires for both connecting with other devices and charging your mac or windows. You do not have to carry different cables for charging and different for connecting devices. It gives power up to 90W and has an excellent power managing system. USB-C technology easily works and charges your Apple device and it provides the power up to 15W.

Port feature of the Dock

 The ports featured by Dock to plug in and charge your pc and increases the performance of thunderbolt.  It allows you to connect many accessories that help to improve productivity such as space solutions, adapter, displays, etc. here the single port can be multitasking as you can plug in your additional devices to any of the ports. So you do not have to messed up with cables or holding many cables for different uses.

With fast speed ports of USB 3.0, you get the best and active workspace even when you unplug the devices. To maintain safety and security the backup drive plays the major role and secures in the background. And the thunderbolt docks make the secure connection in which your thumb can drive even not require adapters always.

 No Networking Compromises

Other network connections are more productive than the WiFi network connection. By thunderbolt Dock, you can get the complete performance of Gigabit Ethernet. Use fast connections on your server, quick downloading by the web, compatible data transmission with other notebook and it does not need any additional adapters.


During the time of plug out ejecting drives one by one can be messy. Here thunderbolt Dock comes with some features that allow you to eject all the drives instantly in one time. Ejecting devices instantly will not result in data loss because of the Thunderbolt Dock utility. Hence it makes device ejecting easier so that it can save you time. And it is safe also it does not cause data loss and doesn’t harm your device.

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