Kaspersky Safe Kids is the perfect software that is designed to help you to protect kids’ online activities. Kids today are active on many of the platforms and devices so, It’s difficult to keep an eye on their digital activities. Many parental control programs are best suited for either desktop or mobile devices. But Kaspersky safe kids work well on PC, Macs, iOS, Android, and many more devices. Kaspersky offers you modern parental control apps, app blocking, location monitoring, web filtering, and time management. You can use Kaspersky Safe Kids Coupon Code and get up to 40% at every shop of Kaspersky products. Kaspersky safe kids offer you excellent services and restrict all the adult content.

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Features of Kaspersky safe kids activity

One of the best software is designed to secure your kid’s online activities. This app on your kid’s device helps to regulate your children’s activities. They block harmful youtube search requests on topics like drugs & alcohol. Manage to access games & inappropriate apps. Kaspersky safe kids is different from some other antivirus software products.

Kaspersky Safe Kids doesn’t have some particular detection capabilities. If the child types those words anywhere on his/her monitored device, the app will send a warning message to the child as well as the parent. It doesn’t matter if the child types the specific keywords on a web browser, an online game or a chat client. But Keyword Detection works with everything.

Kaspersky parental control program is the right suit for online security. Kaspersky Safe Kids features have a fantastic design that is optimal as far as user-friendliness is concerned. You can handle all these options and reports from just a web browser. It’s easy to manage software and give you most effective features such as given below:

kaspersky safe kids features

  • Work in all devices like windows, mac and mobiles
  • View their location and battery level
  • Manage your children screen time
  • Allow you to block access to adult websites & content
  • Monitor their public Facebook activity
  • Call history monitoring
  • Push notifications for the parent’s phone
  • Device and app time limit management
  • Web and mobile application monitoring.
  • Notifications and location tracking if a kid goes further away than a predetermined area on a map.
  • Website and internet monitoring feature

How to download or install Kaspersky Safe Kids on devices?

Users can easily use this software on any device by using the Kaspersky app. This is a clever way for Kaspersky to maintain and solidify its brand presence and identity. You just need to following steps that are given below:

  1. Download Kaspersky app on your device and log in my account
  2. The app will help you  to regulate all the activities of you kids
  3. You can easily customize all the settings in your devices and take full reports
  4. After, with the help of Kaspersky MyAccount you can easily monitor all your kids activities.

You can use my Kaspersky account of the dashboard to view options related to the relevant information that you want to know quickly.

After the installation process, you are free to dive in the product and do some exploring. You can easily keep access to all the standard and advanced parental control options and settings.

Kaspersky Safe Kids Plan and Pricing

kaspersky safe kids deal

Kaspersky safe kids give you two different plans. You can choose one of the versions according to your needs. They give you a free and premium version. The main difference in both versions on the basis of features which are given below:

Kaspersky Safe Kids Free

This is the free version of Kaspersky safe kids software. You just need to download this version and use it well. They protect your kids from adult content and websites. You can easily control kids’ online activities. As well as you can use free version software before purchasing Kaspersky Safe Kids premium version. If you like the free version and want more additional features then buy its premium plan. By applying Kaspersky safe kids coupon code and saving a huge amount of dollars.

Kaspersky Safe Kids Premium

This is the premium product of Kaspersky safe kids you can easily buy this software online at $14.99. Users make shop pocket friendly by using Kaspersky Safe Kids premium coupon code and keep save 40% off at every shop. You can use this software to keep an eye on their online activity and protect your whole family member’s devices. Users can also utilize other features such as location tracking maps.

Some of the exclusive offer are given below:

  • Real-time alerts
  • Social network monitoring
  • Battery tracker
  • GPS child locator
  • Screen time management
  • App usage control
  • Online content filterz
  • SMS monitoring

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