Clip Studio Paint is a very nice art and creativity software and is also used by professionals. Through the help of the latest Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code, you can enjoy massive discounts on this software. This software is best for creating comics, manga, and animations. It has an intuitive interface so that anyone can use this software from professional to beginner.

About Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint was developed by Celsys, a Japan-based company, and was sold as Manga Studio. However, with some further updates, it started supporting the full-color use and was also renamed Clip Studio Paint. At present, it is considered one of the best art and painting software and can be purchased at a discounted price through Clip Studio Paint Sale.

Major benefits of using Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint EX vs PRO

Clip Studio Paint is popular for its marvelous artistic features that make drawing easy. This software is available in two versions named Clip Studio Paint EX and PRO. With the use of the latest Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code, you can get access to various benefits:

Various Painting Resources: Clip Studio Paint provides various resources to the users including plenty of brushes, pens, pencils, etc. You can use any of these tools and can provide an amazing look to your drawings.

Efficient coloring and drawing: Clip Studio Paint works with AI technology that can ease the coloring work for you. It can efficiently paint a drawing for you by just following the hints. With it, you can also set the pen pressure in just 2-3 strokes.

Drawing with 3D figures: Clip Studio Paint also supports the use of 3D models. With it, you can easily convert 3D models/figures in dot shading and lines. For efficiently working with 3D figures, it also allows you to have a preview of 3D figures from all possible angles.

Multiple page projects: With the EX version of this software, you can also work on multiple pages at once. You can also export these pages in the form of Kindle, PDFs, etc.

Animations: This software also supports the creation of multi-frame animations. With the PRO version, you can create 24 frames-long Animations. Whereas with the EX version you can create Animations without any restriction.

These are some of the amazing features to which you can get access through the Clip Studio Paint Pro Sale. 

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Clip Studio Paint User Support

Clip Studio Paint provides user-friendly support and if you are facing any issues then you can take their help. If you are facing any minor issues then you can take the help of their FAQs or Tutorials. However, if you are facing any major issues then you can contact the Clip Studio Paint support team through mails. The support team of Clip Studio Paint can also assist you in solving pre-purchase queries like questions related to the Clip Studio Paint Pro Sale etc.

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