Get the best video streaming service from the SelectTV through the web or cable streaming.  Get access to approx 5 thousand live channels and almost 2 lakh movies available. On the number of TV channels and radio stations. Now, a 1-year SlectTV subscription is available only at $19.95 for 1 year.

SelectTV 1 Year Subscription Plan Includes

Now people are replacing their cable cord and moving to alternatives like SelectTV video streaming services.  Where they find everything that they wanted to watch tons of video content present on your device.  It is better than Netflix or Hulu because it provides both the cable and web streaming service from one subscription at the same time. SelectTV is the cutting edge content provider present in this video content consuming era. And it is the most demanded service available. Here you get approx 3lakh TV episodes, 2lakh movies, 50k radio stations and live channels present on its page with an easily accessible interface. Hence the Select provides all the programs that you need to watch and a lot of extra services you get here. You can get multiple subscription offers and plans and can find the best plan for you on the SelectTV Deals.

‘On this one year plan, you will get

SelectTV 1 Year Subscription

  • Get access to a huge library of TV shows, movies, live channels, radio stations & more from over 150 countries
  • You will get to Watch 300,000+ TV episodes (250,000 free) & 200,000 movies (10,000 free), plus unlimited video on demand on any device.
  • Expand your options with Pay-Per-View deal finder
  • You can easily save your favorite shows & movies for later access.
  • Enjoy over 2,000 collections of dedicated channels, with the latest episodes from the best networks, along with old classic TV from the last 50 years.
  • You can Stream over 50,000 world radio stations
  • Also can Compare & save on thousands of movie rentals using the Comparison Shopping Engine
    extend your opportunities with thousands of on-demand TV shows
  • Unite your entertainment by combining all of your subscriptions into one easy to use guide
  • You can have easy access to a full calendar of live events, sports, concerts & more, all will be streamed live via the web.
  • Get to Watch 100+ live local channels in HD with a free HD antenna
  • Search over 100+ popular streaming services and networks simultaneously, seeing content from several apps all present in one place.
  • Here you will be given to Play thousands of free online games – Arcade, Puzzle, Multi-Player, Sports, Casino & many more perks.
  • You can connect to your home TV through the Google Chromecast or HDMI cable

Plan Details & Features

On this Select Tv 1 year Discount Deal you will get the features like:

  • Length of access: 1 year
  • 300,000+ TV episodes
  • 200,000+ movies
  • 50,000+ radio stations
  • 2,000+ live channels
  • Video on demand
  • Pay Per View
  • Premium add-ons (9 months of free trials)
  • Get to Watch live local channels in HD with FREE digital signal antenna (excluding shipping)


SelectTV 1 Year Compatibility

SelectTV is compatible with all the platforms and provides the best service to users through the cable or web video streaming.  Now it can run any operating system and compatible with the following:

  • Windows XP or later
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Latest video plugins
  • Make connections via Google Chromecast
  • Needs Internet access

Terms & Conditions

  • Quick digital redemption process
  • SelectTV Antenna offer valid only to US customers
  • Must pay shipping and handling ($7.99) through your SelectTV dashboard after the purchase of SelectTV subscription
  • Antenna redemption offers available for a limited time.

Purchase SelectTV 1 Year Subscription Plan & Save Up to $50

SelectTV 1 Year Discount

Buy the SelectTV 1 sear subscription plan and get a huge discount on it. You can get the latest discount on SelctTV’s limited time offer and save your maximum dollars up to $50. Here SelectTV is providing a huge discount on its 1-year subscription plan. Now you can enjoy a bunch of TV episodes and live channels at only $19.95 and save up to $50. This offer is available for a limited time. If you want to grab the offer and get a discount on this amazing plan you just have to buy it from SelectTV Promo Code and catch the offer.  selectTV is offering discounts o its subscription through which you can reduce your subscription cost. You can save here maximum Dollars also on several SelectTV plans. Hence, grab the offer and get access to one of the huge video content provider platforms where you can enjoy your favorite show, movies, radio stations and many more.  Also, you can play several games available on this so it will be a profitable deal for you.


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