Movavi Vs Filmora 2024 – What’s The Difference?

Movavi Vs Filmora

Both Movavi and Filmora are well-reputed video-editing software getting used for a long time. Users can use both programs for their personal or professional works related to video editing. But when it comes to getting the best features, you can get tricked between twain programs. So today we will do a side-by-side Movavi vs Filmora comparison to know which will be better for your work. We will compare all aspects of both programs so it gets easier for you to have all differences between Filmora and Movavi.

Overview – Filmora Vs Movavi

Filmora – It is a product of a famous company called Wondershare providing numerous software for long period. Filmora is an easy-to-use product that can be used by any beginner and professional video editor. It has several features and a well-designed interface to turn your imagination into reality. The latest version of this software is Filmora 12 which avails users options like edit 4K videos and use AI tools, US and UX design tools. Now you can grab a huge discount on this software by using our Filmora 12 coupon code 2024

Movavi  – Movavi is also known for the tons of features, effects, and services it provides to users. All over you can say that it’s a quick video editor that enables you to do video editing in less time. Movavi has a user-friendly interface by which even newbies can do their work with so ease. The company has 400+ staff members spread in 200+ countries to solve any problem related to this software.

Summary – As a summary of twain video editing software it is hard to say which one is better without having a good comparison. But we will suggest you go with Filmora in this comparison of Filmora vs Filmora. It has more features as we compare to Movavi that can fulfill needs for professional video editing.

Features Difference Between Movavi and Filmora

Features Difference Between Movavi and Filmora

There is a bit of difference between Movavi video editor vs filmora features. But still, our team has managed to arrange some crucial gaps between features of Movavi and Wondershare Filmora video editing software.

Ease Of Use

It is the first thing that gest look at by any beginner when choosing video editing software. Users get an easy-to-operate interface with both programs. But Movavi has a better user-friendly interface as compared to Filmora video editor. Movavi has bigger and easy-to-identify icons that is a plus point for the beginner who does not have much knowledge about video editing programs.

There is not much difference between Movavi and Wondershare Filmora user interface. But Movavi includes more detailed buttons on the interface for users.

Color Tunning

Color Tunning is a second important thing that we need for video editing. Both Filmora and Movavi video editor allows you to do color tunning. But Filmora provides a better option for color-tunning editing in your videos as compared to Movavi. With the recent version of Filmora users are allowed to match one clip color with anything with just one click on the Color matching button. So in the Movavi vs Filmora color tunning comparison, the winner is Filmora without having any doubt.

Key Framing

When it comes to Keyframing Filmora can be a better option as compared to Movavi video editor. Filmora. Movavi provides mora Keyframing options for your animation work but with it, you can control only two properties. However, with Wondershare Filmora can control rotate, scale, position, and opacity. So as a result we must say Filmora keyframing is better than Movavi.

Text And Titles Editing

Both Movavi and Filmora 2024 provide features to edit the text and titles of your videos. But when it comes to getting professional results, there is no competition to Wondershare Filmora software. Filmora allows users to create the title with customizable opacity, spacing, size, font, and color. Apart from that, you can also add animation to your titles to get the attention of your viewers from starting. Movavi also lets you add Titles to your videos with a simple drag and drop option. But you cannot change the size and the font or your title in Movavi which makes Filmora better than it.

Screen Recording

Users can record their screen and market tutorial videos with twain company software. But Movavi video editor has an additional feature by which you can also take a screenshot of your system. However, you can record partial or full screens of your system with system sound, mic, and webcam.

But if you ask which is better between Movavi and Filmora for screen recording then you should go for Movavi. It avails you the option to record your screen at 60fps whereas Wondershare software can only record the screen at 30fps.

What Is The Price Difference Between Filmora And Movavi?

Price Difference Between Filmora And Movavi

You can buy different plans of Movavi video editor and Filmora for which you also have to pay different pricing. But to compare Fimora vs Movavi video editor we will only present the starting paid plans of both programs.

Movavi Video Editor Pricing

The first plan of the Movavi video suite pack will cost you $84.95 per year.  You can use this subscription on only one PC or Windows device. It includes free updates during the year and services of video editor plus, video convertor premium, and screen recorder. However, you can also get a Mac version of Movavi software for which you will get charge differently.

Wondershare Filmora Pricing

The first plan of Filmora will cost you $19.99 that you have to pay every month to continue your services. This will include, no watermark, senior tech support, and all the features of this software. You can also buy its year or perpetual subscription for which you have to pay more than the monthly subscription amount. But as a bonus the company also allows you to use Wondershare Coupon Code to get a discount on Filmora. However, there are some differences between Filmora x and Filmora Pro pricing that can change your mind to buy this software. For more discount offers you can purchase at the time of Wondershare Black Friday Deal.

Which Provides Better Free Services? Movavi Vs Filmora

You might get disappointed when it comes to getting free services from Movavi. Users can use Movavi video editor only for 7 days in which they also have to face watermark problems on their videos. On the other hand, the Wondershare Filmora allows users to use free services for a lifetime.

But it will attach the watermark on every video get made with the free version. However, it is better than using Movavi only for 7 days and you will get few features to edit your videos. So it is crystal clear that in this Movavi and Filmora free version comparison the winner is Wondershare Filmora.

Customer Support Of Wondershare Filmora And Movavi Video Editor

Customer Support Of Filmora And Movavi

Users get avail with good help and support service with both of the software. You can use the FAQs and How-to section to know about any feature and its use. Both companies also provide video guides and manuals and Email support as well to solve any query of the customers.

But unfortunately, the Wondershare company does not provide the option of live chat support. On the other hand side, you can get the answer to any problem related to the Movavi video editor in real-time with live chat support. So it would be no lie to say that Movavi provides better customer support this Movavi and Filmora comparison 2024.

What’s Better Movavi Vs Filmora? Final Conclusion

As a result of this comparison of Wondershare Filmora Vs Movavi video editor, we have to say that Filmora is a better choice than Movavi. However, Movavi provides some things better than Filmora, but Filmora is a one-stop solution for any video editor with its amazing features and services.

But you can still go with any software you want that fulfills your need for video editing. We hope our article helped you to decide which is better Movavi vs Filmora.