Mobile Phones- A part of Human Life

Mobile Phones- A part of Human Life

In this modern era, everyone is busy in their life. They don’t have enough time for each other. In this modern world for saving time and fast working, everyone is using mobile phones. Mobiles are now a part of human’s life and without a phone it’s it’s hard to do work fastly. According to a smartphones sales survey in 2014, the total units of phones sold is 1,244,000,000. With a little hand device, we do our work from anywhere easily. All our data are stored in it. Your office files, personal work, bank details and so many things in it. But what happens if someone steals your data?

Increasing the number of  Smart Phones Threats

Nowadays, the threats of phones are increasing. Every day we listen about it through newspaper and TV.  There are thousands of fraud peoples and hackers on the internet, who want to harm you by stealing your personal data. In a statics, there are 3million cases of bank fraud came through the internet in a year. Everyone is using internet banking nowadays, just a few clicks and you control all money transactions. Now the hackers are finding new ways to hack and send a virus in smartphones. They steal your phone password or your bank login details through your phone. So how to safe smartphones data?

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How someone steals your data?

Remember that someone can only hack your device if you give them access permission. The virus takes place on your device from the internet, Bluetooth or by transfer. After entering into the device they start there work without taking your permission. They steal data and send it to the Fraud guy. It may be any type of app which is installed from an unknown website or any type of link who ask for your login details or any message or call from an unknown person.

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Some self-protection points for making your device safe

  • Always update your phone and anti-virus for the latest security features.
  • Be careful about the application which you installed on your phone.
  • Check the list of your files which were present in your phone and delete the unknown and untrusted files.
  • Make your password and pattern lock hard to crack and change it timely.
  • Use tracker application if available for your phone.
  • Always log out you’re ID when they are not in use.
  • Don’t use public Wi-fi.
  • Always use a lock app for your individual apps like Whatsapp, Gmail etc.
  • Never click on popups and links which are not related to you or unknown.

Make your phone safe with BullGuard Mobile AntiVirus

So all we need to make our phone safe by using some protection, which saves our data from other peoples. BullGuard the Trending and powerful Antivirus Tool, the tool has the power to stop all the fraud and viruses. The software also makes your phone better and faster. The Software app gives you all the details about your phone on your screen and shows you which application good or not good for you. Disable all third parties, blocked all unwanted communications and just a few clicks you make your data secure with BullGuard. The company added some new feature in it to make it advance, some of the features are here – Home Network Scanner, Game Booster, Next generation anti-malware, Firewall.

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