How Long Is A Lingoda Class?

How Long Is A Lingoda Class

Lingoda is a very great platform for learning your favorite language. They provide the best teacher to teach you. And they help you to learn languages and in their classes approximately 1 hour/60 minutes. people think how long is a lingoda class so it is very less time. The courses provided by Lingoda in 4 different parts are like:

  • 4Classes/month
  • 12Classes/month
  • 20Classes/month
  • 40Classes/month

If you buy any language course from Lingoda so you get these classes and each class was 1 hour. This is a very long time for the student because the Lingoda teacher is very professional and very fluent in our native language. They teach you very well in every class.

Price And subscription Of Lingoda

Lingoda is a platform for learning languages. It offers lessons in German, Spanish, French, and English. The price for each language may vary. In order to learn a language on Lingoda, one must purchase a monthly subscription. The price of the subscription can range from 9 euros to 49 euros per month.If you want to save money on Lingoda so you can use the lingoda 40 off deal. There are four different subscription types: Basic, Standard, Premium, and Business. Each type has different features that allow for more or less access to the content on Lingoda. For example, the Basic subscription does not include any live lessons, while the Business subscription includes access to all live lessons as well as other features like personalized feedback on speaking and writing skills.

What are Lingoda classes like?

Lingoda is one of the best online language learning school, and they provide you best teachers. They provide 2 types of classes

One on One

The one-on-one interaction with the teacher is the very best way to learn your favorite language because if you are an introverted person so this class is very best for you. you can ask any question about your language without any hesitation, and your class duration time is about 1 hour.

Group section

In this section, you can learn your selected language in a group. The duration of this class is around 1 hour/60 minutes. you enter into a group of 5 to 7 students and one teacher or you interact with all of them it is also a good class type of Lingoda. In this section, you talk with different countries of students, and with the help of the group section, your conversation skill will increase.

How long is the Lingoda Sprint?

lingoda sprint rules

Lingoda sprint is the best way to learn your favorite language in a very fast way. The duration of the Lingoda sprint is about 3 months. It is very fast to learn any language in this section Lingoda provide tools and some assignments for homework type if you complete all task from time to time you can complete your language course in a very less time. you have a chance to get a discount on the lingoda sprint by using the lingoda sprint promo code.

How much time does it take to become fluent with Lingoda?

If you learn any language from Lingoda your language learning skill is definitely increasing and if you want to fluent in your favorite language so it takes time. If you are a beginner so you can use the 40 classes/ month course and if you are a pro you go with the 4 classes per month. It depends on you how you become serious about their course.


When you talk about time and the duration of time so it totally depends on you how much this course matter to you. If you complete all tasks from time to time and you attend all the 1-hour classes so you can learn your favorite language very fast.

FAQ about How Long Is A Lingoda Class

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Are Lingoda classes good?

Lingoda is one of the trusted language learning schools and they are the winner of PCmag editor choice so it is very good.

Do Lingoda classes expire?

Lingoda is expire when your plan expires, it expires at the time of the billing month.

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