Top 5 Dedicated Server Providers 2021

Top 5 Dedicated Server

Searching for a Hosting provider today we will be talking about the Top 5 Dedicated server Providers of 2021.

When we think about starting a large online business or E-commerce website then there comes Dedicated web hosting. A dedicated server is the only one that can handle your online business with huge traffic.

In a competitive world, you don’t want to build a website with disadvantages like low speed or less security. So to bring your website to the top position your hosting should be more reliable and that’s what Dedicated service gives you.

So, today we will be exploring the top Dedicated server hosting provider which will help you to choose the right Dedicated hosting service. But before that let me quickly tell you in brief about what is Dedicated hosting service?

Dedicated hosting is the type of hosting where you hire an entire server and get full authority of your resources like CPU, RAM, disk space and is not shared with other websites. This not shareable dedicated hosting gives more security, reliability, flexibility and much faster speed to your websites.

Okay if you got what Dedicated web hosting is then let’s have a look at the best-dedicated service provider.

Top 5 Dedicated Web Hosting Server Provider.

1. HostGator- Trusted and Well-known

HostGator Dedicated Hosting

HostGator is one of the most trusted and well-known web service provider companies in the world. It has over 800,000 customers and has hosted over 8 million domains. Its web hosting gives you a powerful dedicated web hosting service that is very easy to use at an affordable price.

With HostGator Dedicated web hosting you get maximum performance because you are the only one to use managed dedicated server hosting platform with full system resources as it is not shared with other websites. They Provider different saving offers in the form of the HostGator Coupon Code.

HostGator hosting features

The features provided by HostGator Dedicated web hosting are pretty satisfying like the bandwidth they have given is unlimited unless you stay with their terms of service.

With HostGator Dedicated server you get 1TB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 8 GB of RAM, full root access, 99.9% uptime and a fast multi-core processor.

HostGator web hosting features also include unlimited databases, a fully redundant network, DDOS protection, and 27/7/365 live support.

HostGator Dedicated server price

This web hosting comes with a reasonable price and has three different plans that are Value Server, Power Server, and Enterprise Server.

Hostgator dedicated server cost in low-mid range compared to the competitor. The very basic HostGator plan starts at just $2.75/month which will cover everything that you need to run a medium-sized website. For more discount and saving offers, HostGator offers HostGator Dedicated Server Discount Coupons.

This basic plan includes:

  • 8GB RAM
  • 1 TB Disk Space
  • 4 core/ 8Thread
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 3 Dedicated IPv4 IPs
  • cPanel
  • 24/7*365 Support

2. Bluehost – Affordable and Value for Money

BlueHost Dedicated Web Hosting

Bluehost comes in one of the largest web hosting solution companies. It was founded in 2003 in Provo, Utah. And now it’s hosting over 2 million domains all over the world. Bluehost web hosting is very reliable and their 750+ team are dedicated 24/7 for their customers to help.

Bluehost dedicated web hosting is one of the best options for websites that need ultimate performance, security, and control. Also, Bluehost offers you their Dedicated plan at a very reasonable price.

Bluehost Features

Bluehost dedicated server offers you a Bluehost free SSL certificate which provides a secure connection to your website(e-commerce) and protects personal data for added security.

 In Bluehost hosting features you get 500 GB disk space, bandwidth cap of 5 TB, and fast 4 cores 2.3 GHz processor with 4 GB RAM.

Bluehost dedicated hosting has also some extra features like –

  1. Free domain names for 1st year: You can get domain registration for 1st year after that you need to renewal at market price.
  2. 30 days money-back guarantee: Bluehost offers you a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any reason within the first 30 days then you cancel the package and get a full refund but some restrictions apply.
  3. Extreme Speed: Each server is custom-built using the latest open source technology, like OpenStack which allows you the flexibility to upgrade the performance of the server over time.

 Bluehost Price Plan

Bluehost dedicated hosting has different prices according to their three different plans: Standard, Enhanced and Premium.

The standard plan starts at just $2.95/month which includes-

  • Processor- 4 cores, 2.3 GHz
  • 500GB (Mirrored) Storage
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 5 TB Bandwidth
  • 3 IP Addresses

We are offering some coupons for Bluehost web hosting by which you can make a little difference while purchasing the Bluehost plan. You simply need to click on the Bluehost discount coupons and you will be able to save big money.

3. GoDaddy- Flexibility and Control

GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy is one of the biggest web-service providers in the world. With approximately 18.5 million customers and 9000 employees worldwide you can imagine how much GoDaddy is trusted worthy.

GoDaddy dedicated hosting is extremely powerful, flexibility and super easy to control. If you are looking for a strong web application, no restriction in resources then this is it.

GoDaddy Features

GoDaddy hosting offers pretty good features like– 1 TB storage, 4GB of memory and a bandwidth that is completely unmetered( some conditions required, you can read on Hosting Agreement).

With the GoDaddy server, you get a CPU speed of 4 Cores 3.1 GHz which is a good and also powerful industry-standard cPanel.

So that you never lose data GoDaddy also offers you website backups at a very low cost- at $4.63/month (optional).

Now, with this kind of features you might ask how much does GoDaddy dedicated hosting cost? Okay, let’s have a look below.

GoDaddy Dedicated Server Price

GoDaddy dedicated hosting comes with managed plans and they are of four different packages that are- Economy, Value, Deluxe, and Ultimate.

The very basic plan comes at just $4.49/month which includes-

  • 4 CPU Cores @ 3.1 GHz
  • 4 GB memory
  • 1 TB storage (RAID-1)
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 3 dedicated IPs
  • A free 1-year SSL certificate

You can get this plan at a more reasonable price if you make use of the GoDaddy Hosting discount codes which we are offering for you. But make sure you buy the Godaddy web hosting for a longer period because the renewal charges are a bit high. Although you can go with GoDaddy hosting renewal promo codes at the time of renewal, for now, it will be better to play smartly to grab the maximum savings.

GoDaddy Support

If you are having any kind of technical issue then GoDaddy hosting support is always ready for you to help. GoDaddy support team is ready 24/7/365 to give you world-class support as they care for customers.

4. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks Hosting

GreenGeeks not only has magnificent features but also sparks with its 110% commitment to client service standards.

It is an eco-friendly web hosting. It was founded in 2007 by Trey Garden in Los Angeles, California with the goal of providing ‘environment-friendly’ web hosting by using wind energy credits.

With 11 years of business experience, the company now has over 40000 customers and over 500000 websites are hosted which proves that the company is responsible.

GreenGeeks Hosting Features and Price

GreenGeeks hosting uses a Server-grade Intel processor, memory, hard drives and equipment. As GreenGeeks uses wind energy, the server is also offset by 300% making them green and reducing carbon dioxide.

With GreenGeeks web hosting you get powerful and easy to use cPanel and Softaculous, unlimited data transfer and 30 days money-back guarantee.

GreenGeeks web hosting costs a little bit more compared to other web hosting provider but you will be using fast secure and eco-friendly web hosting.

GreenGeeks hosting has four different plans of which very basic plan starts at just $2.49/month which includes-

  • Intel Atom 330 Dual Core
  • 2 GB DDR 3 Memory
  • 1x 500 GB SATA Drive
  • 5 IP Addresses
  • 10,000 GB Transfer

GreenGeeks Support: GreenGeeks web hosting support teams are there for you 24/7*365. Then technical support is always there to help you. You can contact them with Live Chat, Telephone and Email Tickets. For more information, you can just dial 1-877-326-7483.

5. SiteGround- Managed Dedicated Server

SiteGround Hosting

In Siteground Dedicated hosting, you can host your website which is fully managed by their experts. To boost your server and give functionality they have provided a lot of highly innovative proprietary software.

SiteGround server is a little bit expensive but the way they provide service like they set up your server, keep its server up-to-date, monitor 24/7 and take immediate action in case of an issue, will make you satisfy.

SiteGround Hosting Features

The features provided by SiteGround hosting is really good. You get 99.9% uptime, 480 GB of storage, 16GB of RAM and 10TB bandwidth which is enough to start your online business.

With SiteGround dedicated web hosting, you also get preinstalled features like WHM & cPanel, 5 Free Dedicated IPs, IP Tables Firewall, etc.

SiteGround hosting offers you 24/7 VIP blazing fast support by their real experts through chats, phones, and tickets in case you found technical issues.

SiteGround Dedicated Hosting Price

Compared to other Dedicated hosting shown on the list, the SiteGround server is much expensive but it’s more reliable and they won’t charge any additional cost to their service.

There are three types of plans in SiteGround hosting- Entry Server, Power Server, and Super Power Server.

The very Entry Server plan starts at just $6.99/month which includes-

  • Intel Xeon E3-1230 SSD
  • 20Ghz CPU Clock Speed
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 8 CPU Threads
  • 8MB CPU Cache
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • 480GB SSD
  • 10TB Bandwidth

If you are willing to buy managed web hosting then SiteGround hosting is going to be a good choice as this hosting is very reliable and the support team is very professional.


Now, as you have read all about the top 5 Dedicated server provider, hope you will be able to choose the right one as per your need. Each Dedicated hosting provider shown on the above list is great without any doubt. So, you can just pick any one of those dedicated web hosting for your dream business.

One more thing to say do not forget to make use of Discount coupons or promo codes so that you can get dedicated hosting at an affordable price and save a big amount of money.