Clip Studio Paint Alternatives 2024

Clip Studio Paint Alternatives

Clip Studio Paint is software that works for the creation of Digital Art. It was released in 2001 for the first time, by Celsys, a Japanese graphic software company. Now, it contains inception, for creating animated cartoons, comics, and other types of 2D animations. It has embraced within itself many features and tools which make it a great choice for all digital artists. Now let’s just check out free clip studio paint alternatives 2024 available in the market.  

It is a paid software, which also gives a free service of one hour per day, making it a budget-friendly choice for beginners. However, with an easy Clip Studio Paint coupon code users use their services at massive discount offers. It is compatible with almost all types of system software and is one of the best illustration software in the world. 

Best Clip Studio Paint Alternative 2024 

Although there is some other software, that can be described as alternatives to Clip Studio Paint. Some of them are- 

  • Procreate- Top Alternative To Clip Studio


It is software that was initially released in 2011 by Savage interactive, specifically for iOS and iPadOS. However, it have support also from the system software of Apple. inc. It offers its users more than 130 customizable brush presets. Also, there are other features like- multiple layers, blend modes, masks, 4k resolution, and many other tools that are beneficial to digital artists. It is free software that does not require any paid subscription and no in-app purchases too. That is why it will stand on the first position of clip studio paint alternatives

If we talk professionally, the Procreate is use for the creation of posters of famous web series- ‘Stranger Things’, famous movies like ‘Logan’ and ‘Blade Runner 2049’ etc. It is use by many artists pursuing their careers in fine arts, tattoo arts, and creators at Marvel DC, Disney, etc. Procreate is one of the best-selling apps for iPad on the Apple App Store. It became the 2nd favorite app in 2017 and the bestselling app in 2018.

  • Sketchbook- Alternative To Clip Studio Paint


The sketchbook app was developed by Alias Systems Corporation with the name ‘StudioPaint’. Today, it has become a product of an independent company ‘Sketchbook Inc. It is free software that is great for beginners for practice. 

Sketchbook, which is a clip studio paint similar offers its customers a variety of tools like brushes, pencils, markers, etc. These can work on any device, especially drawing pads, tablets, or even smartphones. It also allows the users to create animations and draw using layers, rulers. It also has some features like brush customization and canvas rotation, which make it more useful. 

  • Corel Painter- Best Clip Studio Alternative

Corel Painter

Corel Paint is another famous name in the field of digital art creation and is use to drawing, painting, sketching, editing, and printmaking. It is very old, yet relevant software that is originally develop by Corel Corporation and a well-known clip studio paint alternative. It works only on Microsoft Windows and macOS and is not compatible with small devices. Also, using the CSP coupon code, you will be able to make maximum savings on this software.

It offers its users a large variety of tools and brushes to create the effect of colors like oil pastels, color pencils, chalk, charcoal, and watercolors, etc. The program has features like Artist tools, F/X distortion, Image Hose, Pattern pens, etc., which make the artists more attracted to it. Though, it might be a bit difficult for beginners to purchase it because of the price as well as the compatibility requirements, making it a great option only for professional artists.

  • Adobe Fresco- To One’s liking Clip Studio Paint Similar

Adobe Fresco

It is the most recent software on the list. Adobe was released in 2019 by Adobe Inc., solely for the purpose of digital art creation. It is originally created only for Apple iPad with pencil support, but now has widened its scope and embraced in its arena Windows 10 also. Yet, its scope is quite minimal as compared to other software.

Because of being a recent launch in technology, it has all the features that are prevalent today. Its exclusive features include Live Brushes, layering, basic photo editing, and a variety of tools that help the painters to select, create and make changes in their piece of work. Some of its important tools are the re-shaping tool, slicing tool, typing tool, symbolism tool, sketching tool, etc. It provides its users with a free 30-day trial, after which it costs about Rs. 800 per month to its users.

  • Paint tool SAI- Free Alternative To Clip Studio Paint

Paint Tool SAI

This software was developed by Systemax Software, particularly for Microsoft Windows. It is a lightweight software that was released in 2008. Its size is just a minimal of 2 MB.

It provides users with tools like airbrush, pen, watercolor, marker, etc., and other vector drawing tools specifically built for inking. It also allows layering. 

There are also selection tools like simple square selection, the lasso, the magic wand, etc. But this app is unable to use for editing the images, but only for their creation. It allows its users to customize the positioning of the tools according to their comfort. 

It provides its users with a system of one-time payment in the form of licenses, which cost up to $50.81, after paying which they can use this software for a lifetime. 

Wrapping Up To Free Clip Studio Paint Alternatives 2024

Apart from these, there are a number of other software that will use to create digital art. Due to the growing importance of digital art in the current times, many stakeholders have stepped into this business, creating a lot of competition for the old software. Thus, according to your requirements and likeability, you can easily get any software if you do not prefer ClipArt due to some reasons.