CCleaner Vs Avast Cleanup Premium 2024 – Which Device Optimizer Is Better?

CCleaner vs Avast cleanup

Our devices get slow as we use them for a long time. We need optimizing tools in our daily lives to declutter them. Avast Cleanup and CCleaner are two widely used tune-up software and give each other intense competition. That is why many of us tend to find ourselves in a dilemma regarding CCleaner vs Avast Cleanup which is better. With that said, we can now look at the competition between these two software tools to help you get rid of this dilemma.

Comparison Between CCleaner Vs Avast Cleanup Premium

When we must examine two entities in a context, it is better to categorize their features. We made a list of categories for the convenience of our readers so that they can focus on their prioritized area and quickly.

So, these are the various factors on the basis of which we will compare these two programs.

  • Background Check
  • Cleaning Systems
  • Extra Features
  • Interface
  • Device support And Simultaneous Devices
  • Free Version Comparison
  • Pricing
  • Customer support

Now, let’s head towards the comparison between CCleaner and Avast Cleanup Premium.

Background Check

Avast Cleanup is from the Czech Republic, having its parent company Avast. It is all about its toolkits that help us revive a sluggish system with its various cleaning and decluttering tools. It is available across all major platforms for its maximum reach. However, a recent investigation disclosed the alarming fact that Avast sold user data to corporate clients without prior consent from the users.

CCleaner, started by Piriform, is famous among its thousands of users for its functions and powerful tools. Readers may note that in 2016 Avast acquired Piriform, which indicates that both items in our discussion today aren’t that distinct from the background perspective.

Cleaning System

There can’t be any single cleaning feature to boost your system’s overall performance. To make your PC healthy and vibrant, you need to carry out operations that aim at specific areas.

Disk Defragmentation:

With time, the files in our disks get scattered, consuming more space than required. Fortunately, both CCleaner and Avast Cleanup come with defragging tools to take care of this problem.

Although the tool is available for both software, CCleaner demands its users have its bundled version to use the Defraggler tool. It gets the job done quite efficiently no matter which disk you are using (SSD or HDD). Besides, you can also schedule time for defragging individual files and disks.

The defragging tool of Avast Cleanup ensures that users can experience faster startups and revive their PC with low storage space.

Both Avast Cleanup and CCleaner are very much reliable in this category. But the fact that Avast doesn’t incur additional plan expenses gives Avast the crown.

Bloatware Removing:

When you install an application, some additional app bundles, adware, search tools also enter our system. These are called bloatware and they make your system slow.

CCleaner shows all such apps in one place, allowing users to get rid of them with just one click.

Avast Cleanup proved to be an advanced tool in this aspect. It identifies and removes the bloatware more promptly than CCleaner.

So, both CCleaner vs Avast performs brilliantly in removing bloatware out of your device.

Registry Cleaning:

The registry is that sensitive part where all major files of your computer are present. Clearly, tweaking with this would result in catastrophe in your system unless you have a proper method to do it. 

CCleaner can take care of the messed-up entries, stabilize the device subsequently. It also gives you an option to create a backup of the files as a contingency plan for any abnormalities.

Avast Cleanup is good, though it doesn’t offer the backup feature. But Avast is very quick in this process, taking merely a minute to complete.

So, both Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner offers a good tool for optimzing and cleaning the registries. Though, you may find the registry cleaner of CCleaner much more useful than CCleaner.

Browser Cleaning:

There are lots of things like pinned tabs, junk files, cookies of the sites we visited, etc. that slow down the startup time of the browsers.

Both Avast and CCleaner bring on board an efficient browser cleaner. But what we observed is that CCleaner even goes to great lengths and removes cached data as well.

Avast Cleanup does just fine when it comes to browser optimization. It clears all cookies, junk files, leftover data that browsers don’t delete and ensures a smooth operation of our browsers.

Auto Maintenance:

Using an outdated app can lead to many major privacy-related threats. So, applications on our PC should run in their latest versions to maximize device security.

Avast’s automatic tool removes broken shortcuts and other clutter, apart from keeping our applications up to date. Auto maintenance tool of CCleaner, in this case, merely does what it says. It doesn’t perform any additional functions except updating the applications and software.

Extra Features

There are some additional features too that you may find with both of these PC optimizers. Let us discuss them one by one:

Additional Features Of CCleaner

CCleaner comes with a helpful option called Disabling startup programs. As it sounds, it controls all unnecessary applications that run in the background while starting up the PC, which significantly improves the boot time.

CCleaner’s next additional feature is named Recuva. This is a data recovery tool using which you can recover the lost files.

Additional Features Of Avast Cleanup

The most popular feature of Avast is its Sleep Mode. It helps find out those apps that are used rarely and put them to sleep.

The next feature that Avast Cleanup brings is the Cleaning Gallery feature. As the name suggests, it optimizes our gallery, deleting duplicate, blurry or bad photos.

So these are the extra features that you may find between CCleaner vs Avast Cleanup Premium.


Avast Cleanup is far ahead in this category, given how slick, dark-themed, modern-looking its app interface has. On the other hand, CCleaner comes with a jammed, outdated interface. But when it comes to usability, you will find both of them user-friendly.

So, it is easy to use both CCleaner vs Avast Cleanup. But the interface of Avast is more attractive.

Device Support And Simultaneous Devices

This category also clearly explains the winner. We checked the OS platforms each optimizer supports and the number of devices allowed with a single subscription. Here is what we found.

CCleaner supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS platforms. Up to 3 devices can run with one subscription. Whereas, Avast Cleanup is winning in this aspect as it provides a maximum of 10 devices with a single subscription. It also supports all the major platforms.

Does Avast Cleanup And CCleaner Offer Free Version?

CCleaner offers a lifetime free variant, but Avast doesn’t offer the same except a 30-days trial period.

Coming to the features offered by the free versions, Avast is a bit ahead. The 30-days trial version of Avast allows you to use all its features. On the contrary, CCleaner quite obviously limits its features, given it is a permanently free option.

How Much Does Avast Cleanup And CCleaner Costs?

Both CCleaner and Avast Cleanup offer multiple paid plans to their users. Their pricing is as follows: 

Plans Of CCleaner:

1-year for 1 PC – $19.95

1-year for 3 PCs – $29.95

2-years for 3 PCs – $54.95

Plans Of Avast Cleanup:

1-year for 1 PC – $29.99

1-year for 10 PCs – $34.99

So, for single device usage, choosing CCleaner can be a great deal for you. But when it comes to multiple device usage, you will find Avast cleanup more beneficial between Avast cleanup vs CCleaner. You can also apply the Avast Cleanup coupon code to get discounts on it.

Customer Support

With CCleaner, you won’t get live chat, voice support, ticketing system, or email support either. It seems that the brand only wants to sell you the product, and right from there, wants to stop all interactions with you. You are at the mercy of just a bunch of FAQs for self-serving.

Whereas with Avast Cleanup, there are 24*7 ticketing support and some FAQs while you need to deal with a problem.

CCleaner Vs Avast Cleanup: Winding Up 

Here we analyzed the various factors of Avast Cleanup and CCleaner to find which out of them is better. Both of them are quite good at solving minor issues with your PC. But when it comes to advanced cleaning, CCleaner proves to be a bit ahead of Avast Cleanup. The choice is up to you, as you can use any of them that best suits your requirements.

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