Best ARK Server Hosting 2024: Use Top Server For Gaming

Best ARK Server Hosting

If you want to play online ARK game with your family and friend circle then it is necessary to buy a top ARK server hosting so that you can play without any difficulty. Joining public servers for gaming is always hectic for a gamer whether noobs or pro players because they can’t play as they want as the rules of the game are set by the others.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best ARK server hosting with their feature, pricing, and comparison so that a user can better understand which one is good for gaming.

With server hosting, users can easily host ARK games and set up their own game settings, and decides how they want to run the game.

6 Best ARK Server Hosting

6 Top ARK server Hostings are  OVHCloud hosting, Zap hosting, Shockbyte etc

There are several ARK server hosting available but not all are the best. Here we mentioned some top ARK servers with their features and pricing for the users. So that they can easily compare them and choose the best one. These are some top ARK server hosting: 

  1. OVHCloud hosting
  2. Zap hosting
  3. ScalaCube
  4. Shockbyte
  5. ChicagoServers
  6. HostHavoc

These are some top ARK hosting server and also the first choice of the gamers. These companies provides their all-time best servers at a very reasonable price.

OVHCloud Hosting

The very first top ARK server hosting is OVHCloud hosting. This is the best solution for game hosting and one of the most trusted and used servers by users. It provides an offer of 1 month at a very affordable price of $60 with a discount of 50%. All you need to do is to just use the OVH discount code, at the time of making the purchase. Also provides an incredible gaming experience to the users.

There are more options available on the site related to hosting server user can checkout them by visiting the official website.


  • Fast working
  • No fees for setup
  • 24/7 customer support 

Zap Hosting

the next best ARK server hosting is Zap hosting. This is the second choice of the user after OVHcloud hosting. It provides its services at a money-saving price of  $8.29. It allows to change the game that a user installed on their servers. To make it more interesting, users can install the maps. Also, users can change the game set according to their own. 


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Pre-installed maps
  • High-quality hardware


If a user wants full control on their server then this is the best to select the ScalaCube without any doubt as it is the top ARK server hosting. its service starts at just $19. It permits you to set your game settings, also restart and adjust it according to your own. And it can upgrade automatically. To make more fun in the game user can install the maps and plugins in it. For handling passwords and viewing files it can easily manage with the file manager. It provides a secure environment by preventing attacks.


  • Immediate setup of server
  • Free domain provider
  • DDoS protecion
  • 24/7 uptime 


Another best ARK server hosting is Shockbyte. This is a very impressive and unique server. It has more than 10,000 games on the server after its establishment. Its hardware is more powerful and is up to date. As a result, players can never think about lagging behind in the game. It provides its service at a very reasonable price of $0.40 per slot. If a customer is unsatisfied with its service, they can ask for a refund at any time. 


  • Automatically update and has instant setup
  • Customs maps and DDoS protection
  • Automated backups


ChicogoServer is one of the top ARK server hosting providers best known for its control panel. Choosing this hosting server means complete control on your servers. Pricing starts at just $15/mo and also provides a 24-hour free trial to the user.

A user can do a lot of things with this server like manage server files, install modes and even configure restart. You can easily host your ARK server with the help of chicagoServers.

They support all methods that enhance the gaming experience of the ARK. besides it’s you can install the mod with the control penal in a minute.


  • DDoS protection
  • 24-hour trial free
  • Provide unlimited disc space


This is the best ARK server hosting that allows a user to perform the best in the game and quickly up the level and its service starts at just$15/mo. It allows users to choose a lot of features like free cluster, map, and mod. It improves the gaming experience of the user as well. It has high-performer hardware and provides a simple setup to help to get better in a game. With this server, a user has the full control on the server.


  • Support all modifications
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Provides knowledgeable staff

So in the above, we briefly discussed the best ARK server hosting. With this information, you will find the right top ARK server hosting for your device. A user can take an idea from it and select a server hosting according to their need. If users decide to choose a server rather than the list so, it would be better that they use them after getting the full information.

Cost Of Best ARK Server Hosting?

The cost of the top ARK server hosting starts from $60/mo, and it is provided by the side of OVHCloud game hosting company. Also, one more gaming hosting company Zap hosting is providing its service at a very low price of $8.29. So the customers can buy these servers without any hesitation.

Can I Host A Free ARK Server Hosting?

Yes, some companies provide free servers for ARK but they are not completely safe in using. So it would be better to choose a good ARK server hosting from the above companies as they Provide the most reliable services to their customer.

How Much RAM Should An ARK Server Have?

A user needs at least 6 GB of RAM to run ARK smoothly on the devices. And it will run even better on 8GB of RAM.


In this article, we listed the best ARK server hosting with its features and pricing. We hope that the article will help a lot to find the top ARK hosting server for gaming. Now a user can make up their mind to buy suitable server hosting according to their need.

We hope that this information will be of great use to you. With the help of these servers, users can enhance their gaming experience so choose one of the top ARK server hosting from the above servers and enjoy the game comfortably.

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